Garry Bushell Hello and welcome to my website. Here you will find an occasional ill-tempered blog, an edited version of the Bushell On The Box TV column, links to my books, a few old features and so on. You'll also shortly find links to two free podcasts. The Twitter feed is best described as sporadic.

For those who prefer good old-fashioned newsprint, Bushell On The Box appears in the Daily Star Sunday every weekend without fail. Cheers, Garry.

Now back at a new home, my Rancid Sounds podcast is devoted to punk, Ska and independent bands and can be found at 2nd City Radio – watch Twitter for the links. It's about the sounds of the street, rock and pop as they should be – wild, infectious and dangerous, not emasculated and controlled. Tin hats on, folks, it'll get messy.


The Garry Bushell Talk Show

Free and uncensored chat with a wide spectrum of lively and outspoken people - from Pauline Black to Nigel Farage, via Steve Ignorant, Louise Distras, John King, Neville Staple and Jim Davidson. Too risky for radio, too truthful for TV.

Watch this space for updates.

Here I am chatting about my latest book Riff-Raff, Rebels & Rock Gods with TV rock goddess Kylie Olsson herself giving me a grilling...

And here are Secret Affair reliving the glory days of the 1979/80 Mod Renewal...

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