Garry BushellHello and welcome to my website. Here you will find extracts from the new Bushell On The Box TV show, now running on Ustreme, and a semi-retired, ill-tempered blog.

The Twitter feed is best described as sporadic.

If you enjoyed my pulp fiction trilogy – The Face, Two Faced and Face Down – you will be chuffed to hear that the fourth Harry Tyler novel, Harder Than The Rest, has been published by Caffeine Nights, and there is a fifth book in the pipeline. I have also published, All Or Nothing, a new crime saga set in the 1960s which is not entirely unrelated.

Sadly, my radio shows and my Rancid Sounds podcast – devoted to punk, Ska, independent bands and free-thinkers – have been put on hold indefinitely. But I continue to review albums for the Daily Mirror and Daily Express and interview rock and pop legends and comedians for the Sunday Express Review.

Sounds Of Glory volumes 3 and 4 are a work in progress.



PS. Here’s a shambolic sample of clips from the glory days of Bushell On The Box. Not for the faint-hearted..

And here are Secret Affair reliving the glory days of the 1979/80 Mod Renewal...

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