And the winners of the
Garry Bushell2017
Film of the Year: Dunkirk
Commended: Thor: Ragnarok. Wonder Woman. Guardians Of The Galaxy 2
Book of the Year: Ma’am Darling by Craig Brown
Commended: Red Famine – Stalin’s War On The Ukraine by Anne Applebaum
TV show of the Year: Blue Planet II
Commended: Line Of Duty. Big Little Lies. American Gods
Album of the Year: Forever by Cock Sparrer
Commended: Trouble Maker – Rancid. Fail You Again – Can’t Swim
Pop song of the Year: Human – Rag ’n’ Bone Man

Film Of The Year: Captain America: Civil War
Commended: Deadpool. Hell Or High Water
Book Of The Year: All Out War: The Full Story Of How Brexit Sank The Political Class by Tim Shipman
Book Of The Year, Fiction: End Of Watch by Stephen King. Comic fantasy: Diabolical Liberty by G. Llewellyn Barker
Biography: Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen
Album of the Year: A Large Bash of Teenage Feelings – Beach Slang
Rock Album of the Year: Hardwired… To Self-Destruct – Metallica
Song of the Year: What It Means – Drive-By Truckers
Commended: Prisoner Of The Night – Tiger Army; The Devil's Bleeding Crown – Volbeat ;
Black Beatles – Rae Sremmurd f'ting Gucci Mane.
TV Show of the Year (which wasn't Game of Thrones): Stranger Things
Commended: The Night Of, The Night Manager, Planet Earth II

Film Of The Year: Amy
Commended: Kingsman: The Secret Service; Hard To Be A God
Book Of The Year: A Disgrace To The Profession compiled by Mark Steyn
Book of the Year, Fiction: A Man With One Of Those Faces by Caimh McDonnell
Biography: Reckless by Chrissie Hynde
Album of the Year: Resolution – Penetration
Rock Album of the Year: Book Of Souls – Iron Maiden
Commended: Love Lies Dying – The Graveltones
Pop song of the Year: Bills – Lunchmoney Lewis
Rock single of the Year: He Is – Ghost
TV Show of the Year: Fargo (US); Catastrophe (UK)

Movie Of The Year: Guardians Of The Galaxy
Book Of The Year: Ruling The Void, The Hollowing Of Western Democracy by Peter Mair
Book of the Year, Fiction: Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King
Album of the Year: Honor Is All We Know – Rancid
Commended: The Interrupters – The Interrupters, No Going Back – Stiff Little Fingers
Pop Song Of The Year: Happy – Pharrell Williams
TV Show of the Year: Game Of Thrones
Commended: Homeland; Fargo; Gomorrah

TV show: House of Cards (Netflix)
Best British drama: Peaky Blinders. Commended: Ray Donovan, Top Boy, Banshee
Movie of the Year: The Wolf of Wall Street
Album of the Year: Dreams From The Factory Floor by Louis Distras
Commended: AM by the Arctic Monkeys
Pop Song of the Year: Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke
Book of the Year, Fiction: I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes
Book of the Year, Biography: Margaret Thatcher: Not For Turning by Charles Moore

Book of the Year : Factual - Iron Curtain: The Crushing Of Eastern Europe 1944-56 by Anne Applebaum (Allen Lane)
Book of the Year : Autobiography - Going To Sea In A Sieve by Danny Baker
Album of the Year - Generation Silence by Missing Andy (Invasion Records)
Top Punk Album - Hopes Dreams Lies & Schemes by Argy-Bargy (Randale Records)
TV Show of the Year - Game Of Thrones
Film of the Year - Marvel's The Avengers
Documentary Film - East End Babylon

Film Of The Year: Limitless. Commended: Attack The Block
TV Show Of The Year: Game Of Thrones. Commended: The Killing, Boardwalk Empire, Romanzo Criminale, Braquo.
Album Of The Year: 'Peace Love Faith Hope Respect Co-Exist' - Dub City Rockers.
Book of the Year: After America by Mark Steyn

Movie of the Year - The Social Network
TV Show of the Year - (UK) Sherlock, (US) The Walking Dead
Album of the Year - 'Bring The House Down' - Deadline
Book of the Year - Just Kids, Patti Smith. Political Autobiography - Fighting Bull, Nigel Farage

Movie of the Year - Watchmen
TV Show of the Year - True Blood
Commended: Sons of Anarchy, The Take
Album of the Year - 21st Century Breakdown by Green Day
Book of the Year - The Real Global Warming Disaster by Christopher Booker

Movie of the Year - The Dark Knight
TV show of the Year - Mad Men (US)
Album of the Year - Save the World, Get the Girl by The King Blues
Book of the Year - Kill Your Friends by John Niven

Movie of the Year - American Gangster
TV show of the Year - Heroes (US); Gavin & Stacey (UK)
Album of the Year The Meanest of Times - Dropkick Murphys
Book of the Year - Yiddish Policemen's Union by Michael Chabon

Movie of the Year - The Departed
TV show of the Year - Life On Mars (UK)
Album of the Year - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not - The Arctic Monkeys
Commended: The Gold Record - The Bouncing Souls
Book of the Year - Nature Girl by Carl Hiaasen

Movie of the Year - Sin City
TV show of the Year - Extras (UK)
Album of the Year The Warrior Code - Dropkick Murphys
Book of the Year - The Right Madness by James Crumley

Movie of the Year - Hellboy
TV show of the Year - Shameless (UK), Entourage (US)
Commended: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Harry Hill's TV Burp, Early Doors, The Long Firm
Album of the Year - American Idiot - Green Day
Book of the Year - How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered The World by Francis Wheen

Movie of the Year - LOTR: Return of The King
TV show of the Year - Spooks (UK)
Album of the Year - Indestructible - Rancid
Book of the Year - Truecrime by Jake Arnott

Movie of the Year - LOTR: The Two Towers
TV show of the Year - The Wire (US)
Runners-up: 24, The Shield
Album of the Year - The Rising - Bruce Springsteen
Book of the Year - Summerland by Michael Chabon

Movie of the Year - Lord Of The Rings
Commended: Sexy Beast
TV show of the Year - The Office/Phoenix Nights (UK); Band of Brothers (US)
Album of the Year - Sing Loud, Sing Proud - Dropkick Murphys
Book of the Year - Carter Beats The Devil by Glen David Gold

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